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Halter and Driving Champion

"Moosey" was one of our senior brood mares, she was a sweet old girl that was very dear my heart."Moosey" herself, was an in hand champion and driving champion before she was used as a brood mare. Age and health reasons had left her barren and unable to concieve foals any longer, but she did bless me with two beautiful foals and she lived out her days with us as a well deserved pasture companion. It was a very sad and somber day when I had to put my dear friend to rest but I knew it was the right choice. Moosey had chronic laminitis for some time and was very uncomfortable and so the plan was made to have her kindly laid to rest beneath the trees where the grass was green and the deer played. I will never for get this lovely pony that captured me heart and soul and brought Wales to my front door. Moosey had a heart of gold and a Welsh spirit that rivaled any Royal Welsh champion.Through this pony I began to meet people from accross the big pond and I made lasting friendships that still stand today . I still can hear her nicker and feel her warm nose nuzzle me in my dreams. I miss her deeply and I know she is back in her native Wales running in the hills with all the other by gone & loved Welsh ponies. For it is in their native Wales they return in spirit , to join their ancestors once more and enjoy the spring grasses and frolick like foals once more.Good by sweet pony if only for a brief moment in time we part , we shall meet again and I will hug you once more.

  • 2001 Section C Chestnut Roan Gelding - LIL' Custom Splash
  • 2002 Section C Blue Roan filly - LIL' Coco Chanel