Man United’s U.S. tour has seen them visit some of the world’s most vibrant and bustling cities. However, for Dutch manager Erik ten Hag, the focus remains solely on football. Even in the midst of the bright lights and distractions, he is determined to guide Manchester United back to the top.

During the team’s first stop in New York, club sponsor Marriott organized a unique fan experience. A London bus transformed into a traditional English pub provided fans with the opportunity to watch the game against Arsenal. Located in Times Square, this creative initiative allowed fans to immerse themselves in the spirit of English football.Man United's U.S. tour: Julia Roberts, Torrey Pines golf and transfersDespite the allure of New York City, the players were not granted access to Manhattan. Instead, they were driven to their team hotel in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. This rural location provided a tranquil environment far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offered players like Raphael Varane, Diogo Dalot, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka a chance to unwind and prepare for their upcoming matches.

As Manchester United made their way to the West Coast, they encountered some A-list celebrity sightings. Hollywood actress Julia Roberts showed her support for the team, attending one of their training sessions. Her presence added excitement and buzz to the U.S. tour, reinforcing the global reach and appeal of Manchester United.

Additionally, the team took some time off from their rigorous training schedule to enjoy a round of golf at the prestigious Torrey Pines golf course. This picturesque location provided a refreshing break for the players, giving them a chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of sunny San Diego.

Man United’s U.S. tour is not just about visiting glamorous cities or encountering celebrities. Erik ten Hag’s unwavering commitment to football is evident in every aspect of their journey. Whether it’s engaging with fans, finding respite in rural locations, or enjoying leisure activities, the team’s focus remains on their mission to restore Manchester United’s former glory.